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My mission

I want to help professionals like you, gain a better understanding of how you run your meetings today and how, given feedback from attendees, you can become better. Let's waste less time and money on meetings.

It seems so easy. We're so used to it (school grades, Uber rides), yet we don't use ratings (okay, besides the annual review) to help each other grow. And while we're at it, reduce overall meeting frustration.

Mind blown 🤯.

There are so many tools out there to help you run better meetings, yet none of them help you make a diagnosis. Here is a weird metaphor I like to use:

You don't go into a hospital and walk up to a surgeon when your head hurts, do you? No, mostly likely you go to your GP, who looks at your history, asks questions and diagnoses the cause of your pain. Only then, you might be directed to a surgeon. Or cardiologist, lifestyle coach or psychologist. Rate My Meeting facilitates your attendees to be your GP. And with the results coming in, you'll be able to address your pain directly, targeted. And as always, it likely won't even require a specialist. Just a "lifestyle" change and some perservarance.

Let me know if this resonates with you. I'd love to hear from anyone that feels similar and is on a mission to improve their meetings. Contact me!

⭐ Happy rating!

Founder Rate My Meeting