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Welcome to the family!

I am happy to welcome you to our family of professionals eager to improve meetings. All of us here want to waste less time and money on meetings. We want to get things done. Be productive.

Our My belief

Okay, first things first, Rate My Meeting is run by only me. I am an Indie Hacker, having built the tool from scratch, given my own meeting frustrations. Having said that...

Here at Rate My Meeting, we I believe that to do better in the future, you need to know how you are doing today. That is where Rate My Meeting comes in. It's a tool to ask your meeting attendees (who better to ask?!) about how you are doing today.

Using data on 1000s of evaluated meetings, I've created reliable and valid questions for you to ask. The tool allows your attendees to rate your performance anonymously. Then you use collected insights to add focus to your efforts to be better and measure progress as you go. It's like a report card in high school. Are you a straight A-student...?

⭐ Happy rating!

Founder Rate My Meeting