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Our pricing

How I can be running this service for free you ask? Valid question! Let me explain the current situation and future plans.

Current situation

I'm an Indie Hacker. A what? A self-taught developer who at some point felt like building a tool that now is used by like-minded people around the world. I'm hesitant to put a price on my tool. For now. Because let's be fair, it does take plenty of time. And the web, database, and e-mail servers do not grow on trees.

For now, I'm going with donationware. Feel it's useful to you? Consider buying me coffee or two.


In the future, I want to keep the service free for professionals trying to improve their own skillset. For professionals using their results as a sales tool (e.g. using the API or profile page), I'd charge a minimum monthly or discounted yearly fee. For companies, looking to improve their meeting culture, their inclusiveness, and transparency I will ask to take a seat-based team account. Which obviously I plan to load up with useful team resources. Leaderboards, academy access, roll-up reporting, and more.

All in good time. Thoughts? Happy to discuss. Always!

⭐ Happy rating!

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