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Themes and questions

Did you know we collected data on over 1.000 meetings by now?

That has allowed us to see certain correlations between questions asked and feedback given. As a result, we've combined some common questions and categorized them into themes.


For your meeting, you can select one of our themes. All this does is pre-select up to six questions to ask your attendees. Working with themes has two additional benefits;

  1. Compare meetings with the same themes easily in Analytics
  2. You can tell your virtual attendee what theme to apply

Working with themes with your virtual attendee

Did you ever wonder how you can change questions when scheduling meetings through your virtual attendee? Themes are the answer. By adding a '+theme' to the virtual attendee's e-mail address, you tell it to apply that theme and therefore the linked questions.

So for the remote theme, use '', for fundamentals? Indeed, use ''.

Now if you're wondering: "can I add my own custom themes?", the answer is not yet. But it's on my todo list.

⭐ Happy rating!

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