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Meet your virtual attendee

Ever since I added the virtual attendee, I noticed an uptake in the use of Rate My Meeting. So if you are not using it yet... Let me introduce you.

First, what is it exactly?

While before you had to create both a calendar event and Rate My Meeting form for one meeting, now you can link RMM directly to your calendar event. As you add your private virtual attendee to a meeting by means of an e-mail address, this attendee will use the invite date, timing, and other attendees to automatically schedule your meeting within Rate My Meeting. This also works for recurring meetings.

Needless to say, it will also be canceled, once canceled in your calendar. Functionality has been tested with Outlook, Office365, and Google Calendar

So how does it work?

Simple: by adding your personalized virtual attendee as an attendee to your meeting.

Personalized virtual attendee? Yes, every user gets their own virtual attendee in Rate My Meeting and e-mail address to go with it. Your attendee's address is 'yourusername' You can find (and change) your username here.

So add as an attendee of your next meeting, and you'll see the meeting popup in Rate My Meeting. You will also receive a notification to confirm it has been added (or if something went wrong).

Excellent! What else?

Your attendee can do quite some things. It schedules your meeting, but it will also automatically send everyone an invite to rate your meeting 30 minutes after your meeting started. Yes, automatically!

And of course, as ratings come in, you once more receive a notification.

Now there are other things, but you'll find answers to those elsewhere. Think about setting a theme through your virtual attendee (, or scheduling recurring meetings. Have a try, and as always, let me know if you've got feedback or questions!

⭐ Happy rating!

Founder Rate My Meeting